Request Fields Description


Fields description:

Field Description Mandatory
User Unique User name  (provide by My-T) True
Password Unique user password (provide by My-T) True
Sender The sender mobile phone number True
Concatenate Indicate that the message will concatenate see *Concatenate SMS only
ServiceCode Service code for RB only (provide by My-T) RB only
Data The text message True
Url The content's url Wap only
Target The destination mobile numbers separated by ; True
CampaignId Campaign ID (provide by My-T) Optional
Reference Customer Message ID Optional
Notify Notification url see *Confimation on delivery Optional
TimeToSend Optional for pending messages see *Date Formats Optional

Date Formats:ISO: yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm  2009-08-01 12:05He: dd/MM/yyyy hh:mm  08/01/2009 12:05 

Concatenate:IF true the message will display simultaneously, depends on the operator rules and will charge accordingly, see tabe belowOtherwise if the message length is large then the operator rules the message will cut accordingly

Maximum message length per operator
ID Operator English Hebrew Concatenate*
1 Cellcom 160 70 197 characters maximum
2 Orange 160 70 197 characters maximum
3 Pelephone 160 70 197 characters maximum
4 Mirs 140 70 Not supported

Acknowledgments (Ack) Properties:
Note:All Send methods in web service (SmsWs) respond with Ack
TransId:   Transaction ID in MYT records
Status:   Status Code Description
Code:   Code number
Description:   Acknowledgment Description
IsOk:   Indicate if status is suuceed