Confirmation And Result Codes

See: 9. Appendix A – Result codes

Code Description Type
100 Ok Success
101 Received Handling
102 Delivered Handling
1000 UnExpected Error Failure
1001 XmlParsing Error Failure
1002 Account Error Failure
1003 Credit Error Failure
1004 Network Error Failure
1005 Target Error Failure
1006 Access Denied Failure
1007 Bad Destination Failure
1008 Receive Timeout Failure
1009 Not Enough Credit Failure
1010 Parent Has No Credit Failure
1012 Version Expired Failure
1013 Bad Request Failure

9.1. Appendix B – MT Events States

Code Description
0 None - Non Initiliaized
1 Pending- Pending
2 Process -  In Process
3 Canceled - Wrong cell number
4 Rejected Request rejected by operator
5 Failed - Failed
6 Blocked - Cell phone are blocked
7 Delivered Delivered to operator
9 Completed - Success/comlpleted

9.3 SMPP errors description list
Normal response (SMS):
0: Message sent, ID=XXXXXXXX
Normal response (WapPush):
1001: The request has been accepted for processing

SMPP 3.4 Errors:

1: Message too long
2: Command length is invalid
3: Command ID is invalid or not supported
4: Incorrect bind status for given command
5: Already bound
6: Invalid Priority Flag
7: Invalid registered delivery flag
8: System error
10: Invalid source address
11: Invalid destination address
12: Message ID is invalid
13: Bind failed
14: Invalid password
15: Invalid System ID
17: Cancelling message failed
19: Message recplacement failed
20: Message queue full
21: Invalid service type
51: Invalid number of destinations
52: Invalid distribution list name
64: Invalid destination flag
66: Invalid submit with replace request
67: Invalid esm class set
68: Invalid submit to ditribution list
69: Submitting message has failed
72: Invalid source address type of number ( TON )
73: Invalid source address numbering plan ( NPI )
80: Invalid destination address type of number ( TON )
81: Invalid destination address numbering plan ( NPI )
83: Invalid system type
84: Invalid replace_if_present flag
85: Invalid number of messages
88: Throttling error
97: Invalid scheduled delivery time
98: Invalid Validty Period value
99: Predefined message not found
100: ESME Receiver temporary error
101: ESME Receiver permanent error
102: ESME Receiver reject message error
103: Message query request fail SmsGate Errors:
130: Bad username or password or IP address XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX not allowed
240: Missing Parameters
241: Bad target cellcom number XXXXXXXXXX
242: Bad target number XXXXXXXXXX
243: Not authorized for {SMS|WapPushSL|WapPushSI}
244: Target locked or low prepaid balance XXXXXXXXXX
245: Target does not support wap XXXXXXXXXX
255: Exception...
256: SMPP response timeout
257: SMPP generic nack
* In Error 241, if your account is not allowed to send messages to other providers,
the error will indicate the provider the subscriber is located at. This is also
true for cellcom subscribers ported to other providers. For example:
241: Bad target pelephone number XXXXXXXXXX

10. Confirmation on Delivery
When receiving the confirmation on delivery from the network, the system will perform Http Post
to a customer URL with the following parameters:

10.1 Fields description:
Field Description
TransId Transaction ID (My-T records)
Cli Cell number
Reference Customer Message ID
Status Delivery status see (MT Events States)
Description Status description from Cellular operator

10.2 Confirmation Post Sample

http://mysite.com/notify.apx? TransId=12345&Cli=972502169930&Reference=1001&Status=5&Description= RejectedByCellcom code=-244